The Genesis Project
Mulder and Scully find themselves responsible for the safety of three children after an investigation into the deaths of two scientists working on a top-secret experimental genetics project.
[ rating = PG / size = 594K ]
-- added Dec 1999

The Genesis Project II
Jacqueline, now head of the Genesis Project, comes back into Mulder and Scully's lives, forcing them to choose between Astrid and Josh and the opportunity to have a child of their very own.
[ rating = PG / size = 102K ]
-- added 14/04/00

The Genesis Project III
Mulder and Scully question their committments to work and family when they realise the impact on the kids of their constantly endangered lives. Scully's pregnancy leave causes friction in the marriage, Josh is having a nervous breakdown, and the whole family is put to the test when the kids' school is under siege.
[ rating = PG / size = 107K ]
-- added 27/06/00

The Genesis Project IV
Scully has the flu and is struggling to keep everything together, Mulder can't get past his fear of hurting Erin, Jacqueline's interference is driving everbody mad and the kids are feeling the stress of the rocky relationship. It takes a brutal outburst at work and a warning from Skinner to set Mulder and Scully back on course and prompt a new family policy of absolute honesty.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 187K ]
-- added 29/07/00

The Genesis Project V
Mulder and Scully’s rocky relationship is strained further by a new case and the sudden introduction of a strange little girl into their lives, bringing the Genesis Project and Jacqueline’s involvement in it into question once again. Meanwhile, Jacqueline's relationship with an older man has everybody concerned.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 370K ]
-- added 11/09/00

The Genesis Project VI
Work is as relentless as ever, the kids are growing up (too fast?), Jacqueline's life is a mess, and Mulder and Scully are trying to find the time to maintain their relationship. It takes the dramatic intrusion of a new case into their lives to bring about some revelations.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 264K ]
-- added 05/11/00

The Genesis Project VII
Jacqueline discovers a truth that Mulder and Scully can't deny and which brings them all together once again. Under one roof, tempers flare, mistakes are made, and Mulder and Scully discover that there is no erasing the scars of the past and no assurance that things will ever get easier.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 365K ]
-- added 06/01/01

The Genesis Project VIII
When Erin gets sick, Mulder and Scully find themselves again questioning their past actions, their present situation and relationship, and the future of their family. Meanwhile, the pieces of the puzzles are coming together and Jacqueline discovers the horrifying truth about Ebony’s background and her own life.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 145K ]
-- added 28/01/01

The Genesis Project IX
Mulder and Scully investigate an unnaturally lucky town and discover tragedy lurking beneath the surface. Erin's illness is starting to wear the family down and affecting Mulder, Scully and the kids all in different ways to a point that it can no longer be ignored. Meanwhile, Jacqueline discovers that everything comes at a price.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 203K ]
-- added 10/03/01

The Genesis Project X
Life is back on track following Erin’s recovery but the trauma has left an indelible mark. Mulder’s paranoia grows as a new case has him questioning the reality of their very existence, and every member of the family must overcome their own demons and find the strength to deal with the struggles of their extraordinary lives.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 161K ]
-- added 27/04/01

The Genesis Project XI
Some resolution, some evolution, some backward steps. Life isn't easy when you can read people's minds and everybody is finding that peace isn't so easy easy to achieve.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 250K ]
-- added 3/07/01

The Genesis Project XII
The return of Ed Wright.
[ rating = PG / size = 219K ]
-- added 22/08/01

The Genesis Project XIII
The usual ups and downs of the household are only complications when an extreme action throws the family into a state of confusion and distrust, and Jacqueline isn't the only one whose faith is put to the test.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 234K ]
-- added 07/12/01

The Genesis Project XIV
The saga continues... (Don't you love that word, saga? *g*)
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 147K / SRA ]
-- added 05/10/02

The Genesis Project XV
A conclusion.
[ rating = PG-13 / size = 106K / SRA ]
-- added 24/06/03

The Genesis Project: Christmas Special
Six days of Christmas.
[ rating = PG / size = 16K ]

The Genesis Project: Nothing Bad Happened Today
A day.
[ rating = PG / size = 24K ]